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No one is from getting old, but we may as well enjoy life while we can with health and happiness. The biggest problem with aging for many of us is that it can diminish our quality of life; we just can’t do the things we were able to do when we were younger. Many would see this as an obstacle too big to conquer and give up. Perhaps they’ll spend the rest of their days watching television, struggling up the stairs, and taking three naps a day. They’re too tired to do anything else, but what can they do? After all, aging is a natural process and it gets the better of everyone eventually. You’ve just gotta suck it up, right? Hmm, not quite. Others prefer to tackle aging head on and live for as long as they can with vitality, energy and good health. But how do they do this? Let’s take a look at 5 characteristics of those who are aging well.

They Still Try New Things– Okay, so you’re getting a bit older. Perhaps you’ve past 65. As such, you prefer to settle down now. You don’t want to try anything new; you’ve done all that and you just want to sit down and watch television. No one should bother you.The thing is, our brain loves new stuff. It never stops growing unless you make it stop. And if you make it stop, it’s going to bring aging crashing right down on you.

They Have Friends Who They See Often– Older people are more susceptible to loneliness than younger people are. Their worlds grow inevitably smaller as they retire from work, stop driving and so on. This really does diminish the quality of your life, because loneliness can cause both mental and physical problems. Those who are aging well, though, know the importance of having friends and maintaining contact with them.

They have all kinds of social connections:

  • Partners
  • Best friends
  • Siblings
  • Bridge partners
  • Churchgoers
  • Yoga class members

And so on. These are not just “acquaintances” they see once in a blue moon; these are all people they see regularly. They chat to them each week, invite them round for coffee, and maybe even go on vacation with them.

 They Stay Mentally Active

Using your mental faculties regularly on a day-to-day basis could be the key to keeping you young in your mind. Older people who regularly complete puzzles, surf the Internet, and get creative through writing, art, sewing, or whatever else are aging well because they’re keeping their brains active. As you get older, it’s super important that you look after your mind as well as your physical body.

They Know What Makes Them Happy

When we don’t even know what makes us happy, we certainly can’t do it. This means we’re often living a life of stress, turmoil, and unhappiness. We’re not satisfied. This can take its toll on our minds and bodies, to the point where we are accelerating the aging process. Older people who are aging well really have this happiness thing all sorted out. They know exactly what makes them happy – and they’re by heck going to do it. They’ve learned to say No to people and to focus on bringing positivity into their life.

They Get Around

People who don’t get out and about much are at greater risk of developing dementia, diabetes, heart disease, depression and more. People who know how to age well get around a lot; they sweat it out at the gym, take up yoga classes, and walk everywhere. They have a healthy, well-balanced diet and maintain a stable weight.